Ella Ella - Smart Umbrella (Group 2)

Upplagd av Luca Pesavento

Ella Ella - The Smart umbrella.

Ella Ella is an umbrella that reminds people of the fact it's needed.
It does so by querying the internet for weather forecast trough the user's mobile phone, which is connected wither via Bluetooth Low Energy or trough an ANT antenna. When it senses the user is passing by, using BLE or the ANT signal strenght, in case of rain Ella Ella lights up to notify that it's needed.

While on the go, users can rotate the handle of Ella Ella in order to see the weather forecast. The weather forecast has been arranged in time slots: next 3 hours, next 6 hours, tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, and 2,3 and 4 days in advance. 

Ella Ella has different visualisation for different weather conditions: from light to heavy rain, snow, sun and thunderstorm. 

Below is a video of Ella Ella in action:



Happy Points (group 4)

Upplagd av Bálint Zsiga

In this video we introduce our main concept, which is that of promoting interaction in public spaces. We see a sad person with one of our beautiful bracelets equipped with stunning LED-technology (Neopixel Ring) that displays that he has not been hugged enough today. A person who is more happy, spots this person and moves in to hug. When the hug is complete both receive "Happy Points" from the action and they are now both happy!

Created by Johanna Andersson, Love Larsson, Shachi Bista and Bálint Zsiga.

The Peripipe (group 3)

Upplagd av Tommy Feldt

Here is our finished project, the Peripipe. It is a tangible remote control in the form of a wooden pipe that takes the user's breath as input in order to control music playback wirelessly. Does it sound strange? Take a look at the video and it might make more sense.

Created by Tommy Feldt, Sarah Freilich, Shaun Mendonsa, Daniel Molin and Andreas Rau.

For more info, see our super cool blog where we have documented the design process.

The Arduino and Javascript code can be found on this GitHub repo.


Memonile (Group 1)

Upplagd av John Brynte Turesson

This is the Memonile, a necklace used for taking notes whenever and wherever. Made as the final project for the theme "wearable technology" in 2014 by John Turesson, Dan Cariño, Anxiao Chen, Niclas Ericsson and Erik Dahlström.