Shippo - brain controlled tail

Upplagd av Víctor Guerrero

Neurowear is a japanese group of people who aim to develop fashion items and gadgets using brain wave sensors to work in augmented human body. Their first project were cat ears that reflected the person's feelings. Now they have done a similar concept but applied to a tail.

Pong traffic light

Upplagd av Víctor Guerrero

This project was made as part of an interaction design course in Germany. Basically it's a local multiplayer pong game between the two traffic lights in a road. People in each of the traffic lights play against each other while the light is red and when the traffic light turns green the game ends revealing the winner. Then the players can meet in the zebra crossing.

What I like the most is the possibility of it of connecting people that don't know each other, in a funny and entertaining way using interaction that already exists like the one of crossing one street and waiting the traffic light.


Interactive benches

Upplagd av Madeleine

I have found some interesting interactive benches that may be interesting for the final project.

Upplagd av Madeleine

I found a project related to our final project. The project was done at the University of Umeå and they played mostly with sound but also light on benches. More information about the project is available at: http://www.sorchill.com/project_benches.html


The wooden mirror

Upplagd av Víctor Guerrero

The wooden mirror
by Daniel Rozin: the creativity of the idea and the easiness of its concept amazed me when I saw this project during my visit to New York. It was exhibited in Tisch School of Arts and basically it’s a mirror made by wooden pieces that can rotate. This rotation is used to get a different illumination in each of the pieces as there are lights on top of the mirror. Then it’s as easy as obtaining a grayscale image of what it’s in front of the mirror and rotate each of the wooden pieces to achieve the proper gray of the pixel.

Augmented Reality sandbox

Upplagd av Víctor Guerrero

Augmented Reality sandbox
augmented reality is applied in this project not just to add static information like the height curves map but to add dynamic elements as the water and lava. Also remark the fact that the sensors don't get information directly from the users, but with their interactions with other physical element: the sand.

It works with a Kinect on top of the sandbox that gets the height map of the sand and with a projector they project the information.


Upplagd av Víctor Guerrero

Reactable Interesting this graph-based representation of the music and signal processing as well as the tangible interaction that it offers. Extra visual information is shown through the edges and around the nodes which allow easy understanding of what is happening.

Hardware based alternative available here


Makey Makey

Upplagd av Ryan McLeod

I will talk about Makey Makey, a DIY prototyping platform for super simple interfaces. (I don't have access to ACM at home, so I will have to work on my presentation tomorrow)

DESU 100

Upplagd av Sandra

I have chosen the article: About the Temptation to Destroy a Robot


Upplagd av Víctor Guerrero

Sketch-a-TUI Fast and low-cost alternative to prototype tangible user interfaces using:
  • paper
  • conductive ink pen
  • device with capacitive screen
Build your desired shape with paper and then with the ink pen draw lines with dots in the end. When the user touches the lines with the fingers his capacity is carried to the dots at the end. As these are in contact with the screen it will be as the user touches the screen.

Use different dot disposition to identify different shapes. A basic approach to code your own algorithm to detect the shapes could be as follows:
  • detect the touches in the screen
  • compute the distance between the dots and find the shape with that distance
  • compute the orientation of the shape using the angle of the segment that binds both dots

Slides available here


Upplagd av Sara Sjödin

I will review the paper "Object Shape and Touch Sensing on Interactive Tables
with Optical Fiber Sensors"
. I will present it later, because I can not come to the lecture this Wednesday.

literature seminar

Upplagd av Madeleine

The Elixirator

Upplagd av Sara Sjödin

This is a Steampunk cocktail mixing machine. A maximum of 10 different drinks from four ingredients can be selected and dispensed. Four bottles are used to hold the spirits and mixers for the drinks.  The contents of the bottles are pressurized with an aquarium pump and released into the glass with solenoid valves.
He used the microcontroller system Picaxe 40X2 MCE to control the valves and functions of the drinkbot.  Programming is done in the easy-to-understand language of Basic.  Programming software is free and uses the PC's serial port to program the Picaxe.
Read more about it here

Twitter Controlled Pet Feeder

Upplagd av Sara Sjödin

This is a Twitter-Controlled pet feeder which automatically dispenses food in response to activity on a Twitter account. When it sees the massage "feed me" it dispense the food. The project is controlled by an Arduino and uses the Arduino Ethernet shield to receive data from Twitter.

Read more about it here


Material library

Upplagd av vegas

Presentation group lighting chair

Upplagd av NielsHamelink

After the final prototyping day of the first iteration we presented our prototype. The presentation including the videos can be found here.


Olly the smelly web robot

Upplagd av NielsHamelink

Personally I am a big proponent of applying ambient displays to cope with the limited attention span that humans have to deal with. The Olly project found on Kickstarter therefore got me interested right away.

Olly is an Arduino based system that can provide you with notifications by emitting a scent. Some scents are known to be strongly linked to emotions and because the system allows the user to determine what smell will be spread one can easily use for example the perfume of a loved one for a Twitter notification from that person. Olly is stackable and therefore different scents can be used for different notifications.

Check out the video below: