Social Soundmachine: Feeling the music!

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Social Soundmachine is an interactive tabletop, on which people can create music together. It has a special multi-touch surface with different game pieces, that each have unique sounds or sound effects. Like beatboxes, strings, filters, melodies and even your own voice!



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In an effort to break the mold of the standard two dimensional step-sequencer paradigm, a novel method of integrating a tangible third dimension or parameter of musical control is presented. Using clear plastic cubes and a grid of sensor detecting vertical rods, anyone from a child to an advanced electronic musician can build, manipulate, and perform musical patterns by stacking up to three cubes/rod in any position along a 4x16 grid. The vertical axis used not only provides additional control, but acts as a fun and easy way to engaged the user and compose new musical patterns or sequences.


Things you can do with a Nintendo Wii

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Ok most of you have probably seen this guy since he has been around for some time but he still does nice things with his Wii

3D effects

Foldable display

More of his work


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A cool multitouch implemention that maybee will help us change the desctop-metaphor to something more suitable to 200000 files =)


Some guys who implemented part of it

And here's there homepage for more information of the implementation of Con10uum



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What happens when you take Peter Molyneux (the designer of a really revolutionary game of the 00's called "Black and White"), AR technology, XBOX360's project Natal and mix them all together? Well, you end up with one of the most inspiring videos in HCI:

(highlights of the video are at 1:25, 1:45, 2:35, 3:17 and 4:01)

Interactive Grass-group 6

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"interactive Grass" is a light without Switches which is a project within the faculty of Industrial Design at the Technical University in Eindhoven. The project falls under the Next Nature theme, the project coach is Berry Eggen.

'SixthSense'-group 6

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'SixthSense' is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information.This is from MIT lab.

E-Static Shadow-group 6

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E- Static shadow is interesting project about static electricity found in our everyday environments, surrounding our everyday interactions.

The project 'E-Static Shadows' is a practise-based experimental research project by designer Dr. Zane Berzina and architect Jackson Tan which this project is hosted by Goldsmiths, University of London and supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Arts Council of England and the National Lottery, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and Elektrisola.


Dance floor

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This was just too cool not to show you.

In ETH-Zurich several projects are going at wearable computing group which is headed by Prof. Gerhard Tröster.

Here is a project demo which can sense cooking gestures. This project is is named as e-Sense under EU funding. Here is the demo -


Electronic musical instruments in action

Upplagd av Linus Ericsson

I'm in love with electronic music gadgets. To use them and manipulate sounds in realtime is like a drug to me.

Here is a video of the japanse artist Denkitribe using two quite small instruments (the Korg ER-1 drum machine and the Clavia Micro Modular) for a quite catchy tune. Most patterns are of course preprogrammed, but it's a very intressting way of making music.


Apple iPad

Upplagd av Sotiris

Tonight Apple presented its new product, the iPad.

Here is the video of the presentation :

Just some specifications of it (from engadget) :

"It's a half-inch thick and weighs just 1.5 pounds, with a 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen IPS LCD display, and it's running a custom 1GHz Apple "A4" chip developed by the P.A. Semi team, with a 10-hour battery life and a month of standby. It'll come in 16, 32, and 64GB sizes, and it's got the expected connectivity: very little. There's a 30-pin Dock connector, a speaker, a microphone, Bluetooth, 802.11n WiFi and optional 3G, as well as an accelerometer and a compass. There's also a keyboard dock, which connects underneath in the portrait orientation, support for up to 1024x768 VGA out and 480p composite out through new dock adapter cables, and a camera attachment kit that lets you import photos from your camera over USB or directly through an SD reader. The device is managed by iTunes, just like the iPhone -- you sync everything over to your Mac. As expected, it can run iPhone apps -- either pixel-for-pixel in a window, or pixel-doubled fullscreen "

FYI, it does NOT support flash, its cheapest version (16 GB) costs $499 and its main advantage is that it is an Apple product.

Now look at that picture :

Is it just me or it looks like Steve Jobs is holding an iPhone that has mutated to something bigger, heavier and more scary ?

And its name is iPad... Apart from the total lack of inspiration and imagination when it comes to names, the marketing guys should have thought a little bit more I think about possible interpretations of the product's name.

A total FAIL imho... What do you think?

Back in 2006 an American show called MadTV had predicted the future ! See the video :)

Now, how about bad marketing and sloppy market research ?


World's first Mobile AR browser

Upplagd av BlueMoon

This video is an interesting demo of mobile AR. The application provides augmented reality experience to the iPhone or Android platform users.  Its a kind of browser that searches on the web and displays results like a layer on the cell phone screen.



When spirituality meets art

Upplagd av Sotiris

Another interesting approach to light and sound in a rather unusual context, a really old cathedral. Watch the video and experience how it really helps you connect to your own god...

More info here : http://www.uva.co.uk/archives/122

Volume Light Installation

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Wow !
A really impressive installation with interactive light and sound. Watch the following clip especially after 2:24.

An impressive yet simple way to make the user part of the installation.
The laugh of the child at the second video proves it :)

Upplagd av Linda Ch

I found some interesting clips that I thought were inspiring.

At TEDIndia, Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data -- including a deep look at his SixthSense device and a new, paradigm-shifting paper "laptop." In an onstage Q&A, Mistry says he'll open-source the software behind SixthSense, to open its possibilities to all.

LED Throwies

Upplagd av Sotiris

A nice idea about "coloring" the city :)
With really simple materials (led lights, batteries, magnets and strapping tape) and with low cost (ebay ftw) everyone can create small, colorful "objects" that can be attached to anything metallic and stay there for almost 2 weeks.

More info here, here (check the extra links below the video) and here.

Just to get a small taste :


Now, imagine use something that simple and extend it with interaction functionality. How about making the leds active on the presence on someone in front of them? Or maybe only at night? Or perhaps make them turn on and off based on the level of the surrounding sound?

I know that every possible extended idea would need extra modifications, but I think that color and simplicity is what is missing in our time :)


The Drift Table

Upplagd av Jonas

The Drift Table allows people to float slowly over the British landscape from the comfort of their own home. The weight of objects placed on the table controls the slow scroll of aerial photographs displayed on a central view-port. Adding weight causes the table to speed up and 'descend' towards the landscape below. Progress is slow - travelling from London to Devon may take days.


Laser Graffiti

Upplagd av Jonas

Some non-destructible graffiti work, realized with processing.

Upplagd av ansandb

Maybe a little to high-tech for us to try to copy in this course, but still too fun to ignore:


Natural Interaction Sensitive Table

Upplagd av Alexandra

This is no longer so much of news these days when every other person has an iPhone or another mobile phone with this kind of touch screen. These days it’s more common to be surprised by the fact that someone is coming up with a new idea of interacting. Like projector key board for instance.

Though I still think this is an interesting way of interact and I chose this because of that and because I think there’s still a lot of potential in this kind of products.

Link to a video of the product

UbiGreen mobile application

Upplagd av Spade

Group #6

It combines the importance of nature with the use of ubiquitous computing via cell phone applications.

Link to project

Transpen MimeoPad

Upplagd av Diamond



This is interesting since it dynamically changes the shape of the cellphone to be able to physically detect missed calls and interact with it.

Mobile Augmented Reality

Upplagd av Spade

Group #6

It's augment the limited screen of a mobile phone with real-time information which is really useful and has many commercial applications.

Link to project

Group 1

Upplagd av Linda Ch


An interesting concept for visualizing strain in a simple construction. Could be used by architects and in education environments. http://tangible.media.mit.edu/projects/senspectra/

TAT Augmented ID

TAT is exploring the limits between the real world and social networks.

I/O Brush

A new innovating way of painting by using a real brush to paint and collect colors and textures from the real world.

Philips E-skin

A groundbreaking E-paper technology for personalizing electronical devices - physical interaction with colors.

Urban light

Upplagd av Spade

Group #6

It's makes the world around us much more interactive and beautiful. It allows large masses of people to communicate and interact with each other via a flexible, unbounded surface.

Link to project
Link to video

Tabletop game

Upplagd av Spade

Group #6

It's a new way to play games and introduces a new way to interact with the tabletop. The games is a good way to illustrate the interaction with the surface and the technology that is used.

Link to project
Link to video

Grupp 5

Upplagd av anna andersson

An enhanced musical experience for the deaf:
CHI: CHI '09, An enhanced musical experience ...

SLAP Widgets for Tabletops (Movie):

Wii all play

Group #6

It's relevant to physical interaction because the concept of tangible interface is inspiring and gives us plenty of room to experiment.

Link to the project
Link to movie

Upplagd av Hazim

Maeve: Objects that interacts with the table:

Mæve from Stephan Thiel on Vimeo.

Mudtub: Interactive MUD?!?

Both of these projects challenge the conventional ideas of interaction. The mud tub through its greasyness, and the objects because they become interactive only together with other objects (the table).

Highlights from Tisch ITP

Upplagd av Linus Ericsson

Tisch School of the Art (Broadway, NYC) has a Interactive Telecom Program, ITP, where we found the following highlights among many:

Jabber Jockeys

Jabber Jockeys interactive underwear. The underwear can stimulate the genitals of the wearer either by cellphone, internet or the signs of sexual arosement in another pair of underwear.

(Image courtesy of Jabberjockeys.com)

Anti Paparazzi Fashion Clutch

If you have the problem with paparazzi photographers following you everywhere (there's even facebook paparazzi, right?).

"The anti-paparazzi clutch is a response to the rise of paparazzi. Its unique patent pending technology allows you to protect your identity with a device small enough to fit inside your clutch. Its capable of blocking simultaneous flash photographs from any type of camera: point-and-shoot to professional SLRs."

Essentially the product is a slave flash that essentially just detects an incoming flash (from the Paparazzi's camera) and flashes itself in the same moment, with arty but not so well selling pictures like the one here above.

(Image courtesy of Anti Paparazzi Fashion)

Urban Alpinist

Equiped with cellphones different themes compete in reaching the highest close situated spots in a city in one hour, which are summed up in the end. The rules are simple, and encourage you to explore the urban space, and maybe get some exercise at the same time!

(Picture courtesy of Urban Alpinist)

Inside Audio

1% of the Americans are behind bars (which must be some kind of record for democratic countries). To be imprisonated is highly isolating, and the only interface to the rest of the world is (expensive) phone calls. Inside Audio is an audio blogging system, where the prisoners can audioblog so the rest of the world could follow their daily life.

(Image courtesy of Insider Audio)