About Sufu Interactive wall

Upplagd av victorvj

(Víctor Valle)

We quickly saw today this video about Sufu Interactive wall. Actually, it was too quick and I think we couldn't understand it properly. Here is the video:

But what I would to remark is that this kind of technology is already in use by high level football teams. Players react quicker when training in this kind of rooms. Borussia Dormunt uses it and the effect on their players is high. They reached Champions League final last year. I wouldn't say it is only by this fact, but I would say that they perform better since they have it.



Upplagd av Germán Leiva

This is a project from Disney Research for recognizing gestures on real object.
This technique can be used on the human body and even inside a liquid. They have an amazing 99% of accuracy for detecting gestures.
In particular I loved the way the interact with the music player and the detection of position of a person that is viewing TV.


Upplagd av Germán Leiva

ZeroN (another project from MIT with Iroshi Ishii) makes possible something really amazing: Levitated Interaction. 
Is the beginning of this type of interaction but they have really good examples of possible applications like modeling in real time the shadows produces by a source of light, direct interaction with the levitated element and even playing a kind of ping pong. 
I liked this project for the future applications and how it can be integrated with future holographic technologies.


History table cloth

Upplagd av #@o p3!


(Victor Valle, Vincent Boumard, Hao Pei Chu & James Lomas)

Many interesting innovative projects have limited value over time. They are interesting and entertaining, even exciting, but after 5 or 10 minutes interest is lost. This is a less exciting project, but one that can be enjoyed maybe even for years as a decoration in the home.

Re: Sound Bottle

Upplagd av #@o p3!

(Victor Valle, Vincent Boumard, Hao Pei Chu & James Lomas)

Synopsis of work:
This is a music medium that can reproduce a recorded voice as music. It makes a database of sound sources that is managed and used as formal and automatic repetitions, and forms a music medium of the day. I felt something missing in the habitual use of music reproduction media, so I thought to create an interactive music medium that changes. By using everyday voices as sources of music, the sounds that are heard all the time every day carry infinite possibilities and help us reaffirm the enjoyment of music. I hope people can experience their own music.

The wooden mirror

Upplagd av Pedro Hernandez

Although this project has some years on its back, it really has been one of my favorites of all time.  The wooden mirror, as it name tells us, is a device that represents pixels as wooden tiles. The tiles are rotated on their X-axis and grayscale is mapped according to the degree of rotation.  In this way the device mirrors what is seen by a little camera hidden between four of the tiles.

The wooden mirror was a project done by Daniel Rozin, his description of the project is "This piece explores the line between digital and physical, using a warm and natural material such as wood to portray the abstract notion of digital pixels."

Persistence of Vision Wand

Upplagd av Richard Lilja

I really found this 'Persistence of Vision Wand' a very fun idea. This is perhaps more of a playful project rather than a useful, still it's very clever. I think most of us have played with the persistence of vision phenomenon at least once, but I imagine that most of us would never think of way to further 'improve' on such a 'silly' thing. That's why I find this project so very inspirational.


Upplagd av Carla Florencia

I'm here to comment a little bit on this project: Beyond, that is basically a pen for drawing in 3D. You can use this pen on top of a table-screen to draw, and when you push the pen and collapse it, the drawing takes depth, so it feels like if you were traversing the screen to draw beyond it. How? The pen is collapsible and it has a camera inside, so it can "sense" how retracted the pen is. The closer to the screen the camera is, the deeper you will draw.

I think this is a very nice concept for 3D direct manipulation because:

  • The user can use a pen as if he was drawing "normally" in 2D, there's less mapping between commands and actions
  • He has live feedback on the model he's drawing
  • It has a very straight affordance for it's use: you press deeper, you draw deeper.
  • The bi-manual interaction is also pretty straight forward: the non-dominant hand is the tool itself, as gestures can be used to apply restrictions on the drawings.
I wonder if before deciding on using gestures for restricting the trace of the pen they also considered using other physical tools such as rulers or compasses and why did they take this approach. Personally I think that having a physical compass that could draw a circle (that then it could become a cylinder or a sphere) could lead to more accurate drawings, but on the other hand it would take more time to do it. 

Check the project's page and the following video!


Dynamic Physical Buttons

Upplagd av sam

[Sam Sam, Rafel Ridha]

This products is a touch screen with regulating dynamic physical buttons on it. It basically regulates the air preassure of small pockets of stretchable material that is on top of the touchscreen. We think this is very cool and even though it is in a prototype-phase we believe this will be the future of how we interact with smartphones.

Myo Bracelet

Upplagd av victorvj

(Victor Valle, Vincent Boumard, Hao Pei Chu & James Lomas)

This Myo Bracelet comes from Thalmic Labs. They have invented it in 2012 and they tested with some developers. They are building more and more units to start selling it in early 2014.

MYO is a gesture-based control device that connects the real and the digital world. The bracelet measures the electrical activity of the muscles, it can sense rotations and movements in the hand.

This device brings the possibility to control remote devices with natural gestures of your arm and hand.

We think it is quite cool and the window of applications for it can be really wide: home issues, industry controllers, gamers...

Audi Urban Future

Upplagd av Lidija Murselovic

(Lidija Murselovic & Henrik Bygdeman)

This is a commercial project done by kollision for launching a new smart car. Depending on how the people around the car walk and stand, the vehicle's route changes. Read more about it here


Upplagd av Lidija Murselovic

(Lidija Murselovic & Henrik Bygdeman)

This is a project that was made in Germany 2012, to celebrate Luminale, which is an international Festival of Lighting Culture.
What they did was that they displayed light on a building, which in fact was interactive. With the help from your smartphone you could point it in the direction you want to move the light on the building. Depending on the direction you move your phone the light will also move and it will look like as you are "moving" the light.
It's fascinating how they can use a normal building wall and people walking by to create something out of the ordinary. It is not something that is used for need, but to create a city with interesting aspects and just for fun.
Read more about it here

Nymi wristband

Upplagd av Madeleine Karlsson

Description and video can be found at: http://www.gizmag.com/nymi-identity-bracelet/28922/


Second Surface

Upplagd av Connie Huanca


"An environment for creative collaboration is significant for enhancing human communication and expressive activities. We introduce Second Surface, a novel multi-user Augmented reality system that fosters a real-time interaction for user-generated contents on top of the physical environment. This interaction takes place in the physical surroundings of everyday objects such as trees or houses. Our system allows users to place three dimensional drawings, texts, and photos relative to such objects and share this expression with any other person who uses the same software at the same spot. Second Surface explores a vision that integrates collaborative virtual spaces into the physical space. Our system can provide an alternate reality that generates a playful and natural interaction in an everyday setup."-

Shunichi Kasahara, Valentin Heun, Austin S. Lee and Hiroshi Ishii / 2012

Turn signal biking jacket

Upplagd av Fredrik


Simple thing that helps cyclists to signal turns. It looks nice and it could be very useful, even save lives. About 1,900 cyclists are injured each year in Sweden. But you would have to wear the same jacket everytime you ride your bike. Maybe a clip-on thingy would be better, to put on your bike/jacket/backpack.