Interactive Mirror

Upplagd av Per N

Such a cool gadget, could be used in so many different fields...



Upplagd av Diamond

Creating a multitouch screen from plexiglass, webcam and some paper.



Upplagd av Alexandra

This thing is designed to help students learn notations. Very interesting.

Noteput – Interactive music table from Jonas Heuer on Vimeo.



Upplagd av Arash

Here is an open source C++ toolkit for a more creative way of coding.

made with openFrameworks from openFrameworks on Vimeo.


Nokia Morph Concept

Upplagd av Adam Andersson

I found this interesting clip while surfing youtube last night, now that is one fancy phone.

More info here.


This is not a wall. This is art !!!

Upplagd av Sotiris

Here is a small compilation of interactive surfaces/walls/mounted installations.


Based on the idea of reversed shadows, Dobpler mirrors whatever is in front of it in a really nice way.

More info can be found here and at the official site.


How about taking 25.000 LEDs (!!!), putting them together and creating a wall that adds fun, security, color and light at tunnels. These things can take place only in Amsterdam :)

More info here.

Bottle walls

This is my favourite :) Do you wonder what you can do with all those empty vodka bottles that remind you of all the foolish things that you have done while being drunk? Art is the answer :)

Bottle wall (no sound) from Alex Beim on Vimeo.

More info here.


This is another good idea about an interactive wall which unfortunately has a crappy site that doesn't help that much to promote the actual idea. Nevertheless, it's worth a visit.


This is another really cool idea about bringing a surface to life. Yes, you thought right, the surface can move. Too bad though that the site has the worst navigation ever, so it might be hard to actually be able to see the videos. You can still try here.

If you get the problem "quicktime.std.StdQTException" then Quicktime is probably unable to find a camera connected to your computer.

For Processing 1.0 you have to use Quicktime 7. This version of Quicktime has a bug, which can be avoided by using WinVDIG 1.0.1 instead of later versions.

This solved the problem for my group.

Here is a link which names some causes for Quicktime problems in relation to Java Processor 1.0.

Interactive Ceiling

Upplagd av Linda

More information: http://www.freymartin.de/en/projects/snoil


Doblep : When walls come to life

Upplagd av Sotiris

Giving life and responsiveness to a wall. A simple idea with a wonderful implementation !

More info, images and video here : http://dobpler.com/


libavg - html-isch+python for interactive installations

Upplagd av Linus Ericsson

A very intresting library/application for rather quick scripting of interactive installations is libavg. On the webpage there are several showcases, like the timescope above.

"The basic idea is that scripting installations should be as easy as building a web page where possible and allow you full freedom of expression where not. While web pages are built using html for the layout and JavaScript to make things interactive, libavg uses an xml-based layout language and Python for the interactivity. The layout language is called avg, and where appropriate (image and div nodes, for instance), it looks a lot like html. Put in another way, libavg gives you a 2D scene graph with images, videos and text layout and allows you to easily manipulate it.As an example, here is an avg file that displays a bitmap on the screen: And this is a python snippet that gets called when the user moves the mouse over the bitmap and makes it disappear:

def disappear(): logoNode = AVGPlayer.getElementByID("logo") logoNode.opacity = 0

A full list of the things that libavg currently supports can be found on the features page.


Photosynth.net let you merge several pictures from a digital camera to a quite convincing 3D-isch model. In the TED-movie below it seems to be possible to merge videostreams together in 3D. Very intresting for bringing virtual precensce to someone.

I made a Synth myself of the wall of the Nymble, the Student Union House.


Microsoft Project Natal

Upplagd av BlueMoon

Another fully tangible controller for gaming is ‘Project natal’ by Microsoft which is supposed to be in market in the fourth quarter of this year. The idea behind Natal is the use of human gestures and spoken language to manipulate the virtual objects. Unlike Wiimote, Natal does not use any remote controller to hold. The project is described in the web like this -

“Introducing Project Natal, a revolutionary new way to play: no controller required. See a ball? Kick it, hit it, trap it or catch it. If you know how to move your hands shake your hips or speak you and your friends can jump into the fun -- the only experience needed is life experience.”

The project reveals some interesting aspects of tangibles. First of all, the whole body is considered a tangible object to control the game, which is the main focus of the game. For example, in a racing game, a player will do the same gesture in front of screen what people do in real world. Other objects/person can join as a direct representation of what is happening on the screen. In the previous example, one can change the tires during racing, one can be cheer girls same as like real world. The best thing is the multiple tangible objects control the game or the environment. We have social collaboration, physical interaction everything that TUI is supposed to be.

Here is the Video -

Project Natal

NOTE! location tomorrow

Upplagd av cristi

Tomorrow 10-12 we will be hosted by our guest teacher :) , Alex Olwal so we can get the opportunity to try the interactive systems that he works with.

Come to PDC Teknikringen 14, plan 5, please be on time! We will enter PDC at 10:10

In the afternoon we will be on Torget as planned.



Upplagd av Hazim

A very interesting way of experiencing 3D.

Amazing 3D immersion technology from IDEO Labs on Vimeo.

You can read more about it HERE and HERE


Where to buy stuff?

Upplagd av Linus Ericsson

Some tips for you who want to buy things:

For cheap general computer hardware (like memory, harddrives, webcams, screens) head for Webhallen.com (store at Sveavägen, close to Rådmansgatan and Hötorget).

If you have a Mac and want to buy a webcam, you can check out this guide about how well they functions.

For cables, leds and other thing, try Kjell & Co (kjell.com), stores almost everywhere.

Clas Ohlson also have a sortiment of semi-good priced computerstuff and have plenty of tools as well.